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Career Timeline

  • 2014 JUL

    Software Engineer 2 Synopsys

    3 years ago via LinkedIn

    Working with FPGA team
    Worked on component-assembly flow model for builds and regressions using SIP
    Worked on reporting system using Python-Django
    Used Selenium, Scrappy and D3js for data scraping and metrics collection

  • 2014 MAY

    Computer Science MS San Jose State University

    3 years ago via LinkedIn

    Graduated with GPA of 3.53 with major coursework on Databases, Algorithms , Topics in Web Intelligence

  • 2014 JAN

    R&D Intern PDI Dreamworks

    3 years ago via LinkedIn

    Data-scraping with python and UI automation with Selenium

  • 2013 SEP

    Software Engineering Intern Xilinx

    4 years ago via LinkedIn

    Worked on Isolation Design Flow checks for Vivado using tcl

  • 2013 JUN

    Software Engineering Intern Juniper

    4 years ago via LinkedIn

    Worked with Routing team using PERL

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Even though I have only worked with Avinash for just under a year, he has shown me that he is an eager and enthusiastic learner. His helpful, responsive and friendly personality will benefit any team. I would be happy to work with him again in the future. .
— Dune , Senior Software Engineer @ Synopsys
Avinash is a brilliant student who learns quickly and implement in practical world with efficiency.It was nice working with on two projects.
— Akash Patel, Graduate Student @ San Jose State University
Avinash is a very creative QA & software engineer. I've worked with him for many years. He thinks outside the box and is able to solve problems using very techniques. He is very proficient in Python, shell scripting, PHP, Selenium and other web related scripting languages. He would be an asset to any team as he works hard and is able to deliver a good solution in a timely manner.
— Zamani Zambri, Senior Application Engineer @ Synopsys

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